Sunday, 14 November 2010

Pageant day

Today was the Adelaide Christmas Pageant. It's the biggest in the world, and draws over 300,000 people each year - nto bad for a city of about a million people. It was much more pleasant this year (cool and overcast, even a few drops of rain), compared with the blazing sunshine and heat of last year's pre-summer heatwave when it was nearly 40C. The streets are closed all morning, and before it starts, children draw in chalk all over the streets while they wait. It starts at 9.30, but to get a good spot, some people are there before dawn!

A new float from last year was pandas WangWang and Funi, who arrived in Adelaide around the time of  last year's pageant:

A new float this year was Possum Magic, from the children's book:

And of course the favourite to finish it off:

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