Wednesday, 16 March 2011


I spent last night marking the quilting patterns I needed on this quilt. (The square 'grid' was for placement only.)

Tonight I sandwiched it, and after I'd secured the edges, I folded over the spare backing and sewed it down, to cover the excess batting and save transferring all the tiny bits of fluff from it onto the solid black, where it would be horribly obvious. Then I made myself a large (20 x 6in 'block' of masking tape and proceeded to remove the existing bits of fluff from the quilt top with it before I started quilting - otherwise they'd get sewn into place and be almost impossible to remove later.

Now the boring stuff's out the way, I've started with the hot-pink thread on those feathered circles. I'm going slowly, and they're pretty neat - they have to be with contrast thread!


Linda said...

I absolutely love how you're going about prepping this quilt for quilting. You're at my favorite stage... quilting a pre-marked motif in a contrasting color! I'd love to be sitting in your place right now. This is the BEST part of FMQing. Good for you! Have fun!

Rachaeldaisy said...

Hot pink will look amazing!!

Sarahby said...

That is going to look great. Thanks for showing the in progress photos. I never do any fancy quilting because I couldn't figure out how you get the repeats to look nice. I like the idea of the grid for placement!