Monday, 14 March 2011

What's black? And what's white?

And pink all over?!

My new quilt (it will have a lot of hot-pink feature quilting).

By way of explanation, I took James and Eleanor to a Peter Combe concert at the Adelaide Fringe Festival yesterday (which we all throughly enjoyed) and have twisted some of the chorus from this (click on the newspaper).

After an inauspicious start (I made half of the blacks with the colours inverted; the perils of combining a symmetrical block and reversible solids!) I have completed my next quilt top.

I've started marking the quilting designs on this one. So far, one I've modified from a stencil, and two I've drawn myself inspired the the Kim Brunner class I took at AMQF last year. I have lots more markign to go before I can sandwich this one. Tracing onto the white was easy, but for the black sections I'll have to pull out the lightbox.

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Joan said...

Looking good - look forwar to seeing what the finsih looks like.