Monday, 22 October 2012

Sandwiching a quilt

While I'm lad to have reached this stage, because it means I've just passed where I'd hoped to get by the end of the weekend, I have to admit that sandwiching the quilt is definitely not the best bit! There's nothing creative about it, it's tedious, and it's not great on my back. My table could do with being about 2 inches higher for cutting and pinning.

Anyway, it's sandwiched now, and I'll start the quilting tomorrow night. I'm on a fairly short deadline to get this one to the editor. It's turned out a bit gaudier than I'd expected (although the colours do look better in person than in this flash photograph); hopefully it'll grow on me as I quilt.

Stay tuned for my next post; this is my 999th and I have a giveaway planned to celebrate the coming milestone.

1 comment:

Annik-Snor said...

It looks very exiting, looking forward to see the quilting.