Monday, 28 January 2013


A long weekend with my in-laws at their holiday house makes for happy families. Lots of quality grandparent time for the kids (human and canine; Shadow in particular loves his Pop!). Hours in the spa. Playing with their puppy. Bike rides. Walks to the beach. Sleep-ins. Great food (my contribution the last 2 nights has been dessert; first a creme caramel and then a lemon meringue ice-cream log). Fresh bread for breakfast. Meals outside. Perfect weather (not guaranteed, and often hot, but this trip we're enjoying relatively cool summer days in the mid 20s). And lots of sewing time.

I'm busy quilting a large single bed quilt. I decided on informal feathers in a few places, and these have come out really well - even down to spacing perfectly (by chance) at all 4 corners on the burgundy border (above). I'm working on the swirls for now, but then I have the sand and pink sections to fill with who-knows-what. I hope to be done before we leave on Monday evening, so I'd better get back to it.

I'd be happy to receive suggestions for quilting the pink and sand areas. I want something fairly quick, not too dense, and informal - preferably no marking - and there are a range of odd shapes to fill.


M-R Charbonneau said...

Sounds like bliss! Large pebbles? Long, wavy grass? Ooh, sand ripples! It's looking great so far!

Frances Arnold said...

Love these colors!! Since it is cold and grey outside they remind me of warmer days to come!!!

Happy Australia Day!!

PFennessy said...

Just found your site through Pinterest and I am amazed by the quantity, quality and variety of your quilts and quilting. Absolutely astounding!