Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Solid top

A couple of evening of dedicated piecing and I've got this quilt top complete. I added a border at the last minute because I felt it wasn't quite big enough. It also helps to make it blacker, since my aim was really for black with pops of magenta and white, and the pieced top looked much less black than my design.

I'm deciding how to quilt it. My original plan called for completing the partial blocks with pink and white threads, but I'm not sure now. Maybe I'll still do that, but with deep plum and charcoal threads to get the effect without so much contrast. The background will definitely be done in black BottomLine.

I'm busily working through my day's long to-do list, and having got the top complete, I can tick this one off the list, and will set it aside to sandwich and start quilting this evening.

1 comment:

Laura Lochore said...

Emma goes modern. ;) :) It looks GREAT!