Monday, 1 July 2013


Last night I watched the first stage of the 100th Tour de France while I cut out my next quilt. The drama (multiple crashes and a team bus stuck at the finish line) and of course the scenery distracted me, but I got all but 96 white HSTs cut (they're done now) and tonight I made a big dent in the piecing.

Coincidentally, given my comments about rarely using solids last night, that's exactly (and only) what I'm using for this quilt. It's mostly black, with some magenta and a little white (those 96 HSTs are small!). On considering my use of solids in more depth, I realise I've used solids black a number of times (but it's kind of an exception to the rule of solids showing the quilting more; since quilting really doesn't show on black unless it's a contrast thread) and I've made several wholecloth or near-wholecloth quilts with pretty much only solids, which again don't show the difference in how the quilting contrasts on the solids compared with prints. I have mixed solids and prints in flannel quilts a few times, too - but quilting blends into flannels more anyway.

Anyway, enough rambling! Above is a peek at the new quilt starting to come together.

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