Wednesday, 16 July 2014


A few weeks ago I finished the commissioned beach scene I was working on and sent it off. I'd meant to blog the photos, but life keeps getting busy. I've been knitting and quilting, and have been sniffling my way through the first half of the 2-week winter school holidays with James and Eleanor

In reference to both the boats on the water and the hot-air balloons in the sky, this one is called 'Floating'.

Every beach scene I make is different, although as I make more of them, there is less structural difference between some of them, and the variations come in the form of fabric selections and details. Some of these are specific requests, others more serendipitous or aesthetic. In this case, my customer hadn't specifically commented on including a kite in the sky as I've done recently, so I decided to use the new balloon fabric I had (and was keen to use!) instead. Not knowing whether it was for a child or not, I felt this was a better choice (although after fusing I realised I'd placed them a bit too centrally - normally I'd place them a bit more off-centre, but by then it was too late!).

The turtles below were a specific request. I've only used them once before, as they're hard to blend in. This time I helped with that by adding an extra appliqued turtle over the seamline - and the fun appliqued crab near the bird.

The palm trees were also a request. They're fused applique, as are the other applique details. I used batik fabrics and chose to use a palm print for that section of sky as well, which I think added some nice depth. (It just so happened that I had the right print which fitted perfectly into the gradient I was creating for the sky, in just the right place.)

This detail image below shows the applique stitches. The other appliques are stitched on with fine clear or matching threads in a small blanket stitch, but I chose to applique these with a free-motion line close to the edge at the quilting stage using a 40wt glossy thread. And then I went over the trunks to create the texture I wanted. I drew the leaves freehand and then adapted them as I cut them out.

This quilt has now safely arrived in the US, and I've spent the week working with some of my beloved (and more seasonally appropriate) snowflake stash.


Marls said...

WOW this is fantastic and I am sure it was well received. So many elements to admire.You have amazing talent Emma. Your raw edge applique is so perfect-something to aspire to.

Quiltin Jenny said...

Your work is so intricate and beautiful. I really appreciate the detil you put into these posts so we get a glimpse into your process.

LynCC said...

I just love your beach/ocean montage quilts so much! The appliques really enhance them.

J Perl said...

Your work is unbelievable. I am amazed every time I visit your blog!

FlourishingPalms said...

Ooo. I'm a pushover for a pretty palm tree, and yours are gorgeous! Give me a palm quilt over a beach scene, any day!

Juni said...

Emma, your beach quilts are always fantastic and this one looks utterly amazing! Very lucky owner!