Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Snowflake stash

I've always loved snowflakes (actually, to be technically correct, the pretty things are snow crystals) and have quite a substantial stash of snowflake fabrics. That's despite the fact that I instantly reject any prints which portray them with 8 'branches'! But I have a hard time cutting into them. Anyway this week I delved into them for an applique project made entirely of snowflake fabrics - from the background, to the applique pieces, to the binding, and yes, even the backing!

Here's just a little peek. It's packaged-up now and off to Australian Patchwork and Quilting; you'll see it as a project in a few months' time.

I think I need a piecing project soon, but next up is helping James and Eleanor work on their quilts while they're on holidays.

1 comment:

Juni said...

Beautiful fabrics, can't wait to see this quilt in full. Xx