Wednesday, 4 June 2008

I don't want to brag

...but it's my blog, and I'm excited to share my latest quilty success!

This weekend I submitted Evening Indulgence to Australian Quilters' Companion Magazine, and today I had an email saying they would love to have it! It won't be until next year, as they plan well in advance.

And here it is:

Simon commented that if I keep this up, my quilting could be considerd as generating income. While that's realistically not ever going to happen, just imagine being able to claim buying fabric as a tax deduction! He did mention (as a tax specialist!) that given my outlay, I would actually have a hard time convincing the ATO that is was indeed a business; and that I'd need $20k/year income from it to be able to offset any losses (i.e. fabric purchases) against my other income. Oh, well!

Meanwhile, I've been quilting the memorial quilt. I've stitched with invisible thread around the applique, but don't know what to do next. The best information I can find on the bamboo batting is that the quilting can be up to 8" apart - but there are roughly 12" squares empty in the corners. I don't want anything too obvious, so will mull it over tonight.


Belinda said...

You should definitely brag! Congrats, the quilt is very deserving!

Ellie said...

Congratulations again my dear.

Surely if S put his thinking cap on he can come up with some loop hole for you !!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulation Emma. That is certainly brag worthy news!

Can you imagine being able to claim for fabric?? That would be amazing!

Cascade Lily said...

Well done Emma - it's a stunner!