Sunday, 29 June 2008

Very girly

After cutting almost a thousand pieces for my next project over the last 2 days, I've finally started piecing it. It's very girly colours, and I'm not sure I'd choose them myself, but it's nice to have a change sometimes.
I made 18 of these foundation-pieced units tonight; 9 in each of the 2 colour sets. That's 198 pieces of fabric (and 23 unpicked and re-sewn seams!) so far!

And updating with some additions and subtractions from a few recent posts, Stash = 796m, with some more on the way. Well, I needed a little more of a few fabrics for this quit, and one of the shops just happened to also be the shop with the best price on one of my new loves, Wintergraphix. It would have been wasteful not to fill the envelope!

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