Sunday, 22 June 2008

Just a quiet evening

Dinner at my parents' place is in theory relatively formal. A fully-served, 3-course meal, with tablecloth, the works. But after dinner...

Last night Eleanor and I (James and Simon are at the holiday house for the weekend) went to dinner, along with my sister and her husband, Gran, and some relatives from England; my mother's cousin and her 2 daughters. Somehow the evening ended like this:
Sarah and Peter (below) met doing acrobatics, and were showing a few of the tricks they could do inside (Peter also does stage sword-fighting, juggles flaming clubs and so on, and they're both off to Europe again this winter for a German Wheel camp).
Here is one of the basic starting positions:

And how it finished last night!

Sarah and Peter do one move where she lying on his feet, in this basic position. From there, she turns a full somersault on his feet. Here's a sequence of Mummy's cousin having a go:

Of course Eleanor had to join in:

Funnily enough, that Sarah and I first learned to juggle at the same age as these girls - while staying with their parents in England!

Showing Eleanor the finer points of photography:

Eleanor on my shoulders:

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FandeABoj said...

Very funny, a real circus at home.

Congratulations for your blog. Many precious quilts.