Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Easter quilting 3 - Table runner

Next I made a start on some PIF gifts. I used scraps (already cut to shape!) and some spare yardage (for the binding) from a single quilt, plus a white to make some more maverick stars for this. The backing and batting were leftovers again, too.
Again, I wanted to try a different quiting pattern. these swirls were again slow, but effective on a small project.
Also awaiting a label, and another 24-hour project completed!
I then started another similar table runner, but not from scraps. The top is complete and I need to scrounge up the backing and batting when I have more time. My quilting progress was halted by a fishing-trip (Eleanor and I joined the others on the boat on Sunday) which lead to a headache (I'm sure it was caused by wearing a hat, I hate the things) and consequently a day of doing absolutely nothing.

I'll blog the non-quilty part of Easter (i.e. chocolate and fishing) tomorrow.


Cylie said...

Love the swirls, am a big fan of all things swirly.

You never let us readers down, the new additions look great :)

Kylie said...

You are amazing girl - all of that in one easter weekend? As always your work is gorgeous - love the table runner.

Andi said...

Beautiful quilting!

AJ said...

Such 'Easter-y' colours too!! Love the swirls!

Aimee said...

Wow - beautiful! Your precision is amazing! And the quilting is awesome.