Sunday, 19 April 2009

Fishing at Easter

Eleanor ready for her first boat trip (other than a few weeks before she was born!):
This fishing is hard work!
Both kids fall asleep on the way out, Eleanor stayed asleep for ages.

What remains of the old Tipara Reef Lighthouse:

(Excuse any off angles, I was standing on a rocking boat!)

Getting arty while James and Eleanor slept; the front of the boat:
(I love this shot.)

Simon catching a garfish (small but sweet, they're probably my favourite other than the surprise mullet James caught).

James fishing with Nanny:

James reeling one in:
James enjoying being out on the water:

Evidence I was actually on the boat, after Eleanor finally woke:
Eleanor loving the speed with Pop on the way back in:

Pelicans hoping for an easy feed at the boat ramp:

Finished for the day:

James realising the Easter Bunny had been while we were out fishing (he stayed with Simon and Pop while they washed the boat down, giving a bit of time to lay a quick trail).

Most of my trail photos were out of focus. Eleanor couldn't work out what was going on for the first few (for her placed in clear sight about a metre apart) but soon cottoned-on, and was helping James with his after!


Fabric Fanatic said...

Emma, I loved all the photos of your family day out on the water. The babies and the grans all looked like they were having the best time. My favorite photo is the pelican...very artsy!

Karina Mahoney said...

Looks like a ton of fun. I used to LOVE gar fishing in the attack tinny we used to have.....yes we nicknamed our tinny "attack tinny" lol.