Thursday, 2 April 2009

A lyrebird?

I've complete piecing Seaside 2 - and am looking for a more inspired name! I'm not entirely happy with some aspects of it but am pleased with the overall effect. I hope I can improve some parts with quilting and some small broderie perse applique, though I'm not sure about that heavy demarcartion in the sky. But I'm low on time; my niece will make her appearance on Friday (probably quite late), and we'll see her on Saturday.
Click for a closer look.

And I have appliqued the bird and cherries to my DQS6 quilt. I am very pleased with the bird, having somehow managed to draw it myself. My drawing skills usually fall short of stick-figures!The tail is inspired by the Lyrebird, but given my chosen colour, it was always going to be a bit of a fantasy bird. I'll add the legs and eye in the quilting.


Michelle said...

Your seaside quilt is so incredible. It is awe-inspiring. I really like your lyrebird.

Margaret aka Supermom said...

Love them both!
Two suggestions...for the beach scene, you could do the quilting out from the sun (like rays)in a way that crosses from the lighter section to the darker section to help tie it together - maybe in a thread that is closer to the light shade.
Your bird looks cute too - maybe 2-3 more tail feathers (give him more plumage!) - the teal is awesome.

Little White Dove said...

Love, love, love the seaside quilt! You are very talented - an artist who paints with fabric!

AJ said...

Great Work Emma!!

Bolio said...

How many months did you spend for this project? Really amazing one.