Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Making my day

Just before we went skiing, I followed via Feedjit some of the links people had followed to get to my blog and came across this blog post about me on the Fairholme Quilters' blog. It made my day!


textilefiend said...

Hi Emma

Thanks to Jill, our blogger, I am really enjoying your blog - you are inspirational! Fairholme Quilters are a happy group of ladies - some of us have a greater output than others, but we enjoy each other, and manage to fit our quilting in quite well with the rest of our lives!

Blog editor said...

Hi Emma,

I can't remember how I came across your blog, but I thought it was a breath of fresh air that my fellow Fairholme Quilters would enjoy - and they do. I meant to email you at the time to tell you I writing a post about you, but obviously the intention and the actual deed got confused, as it sometimes does these days!

Love your quilts, and your fabric choices.


Beena said...

I am glad they featured you so other bloggers will be drawn to your blog and learn what I already know: how very talented and wonderful you are!!!

Cascade Lily said...

Very cool indeed.

Love all the skiing pix. You obviously all had a great time!

And nice new additions to your stast :)