Sunday, 16 August 2009

Skiing (1/4; the family photos)

We got home around midnight on Friday after a fantastic week at Falls Creek. As usual, I would have loved another week, but we were very lucky getting a few days of rare sunshine (and fresh snow) at the start of the week. It's been a cloudy season; plenty of snow, but it's now starting to soften. By the end of the week pretty much all the runs were slushy and slow, but it didn't dampen James' enjoyment of skiing.
Here we are right outside the apartment we stayed in. It was pretty much as close as you can get to the road (easy to bring all the luggage to and from the car), to the main shop, ticket office and ski hire (downstairs in the same building) and the main access lift (about 5m from our stairs).
The photo of James and I below was taken from our doorway at the top of the stairs. From our windows we could watch skiers coming down 2 runs (one to each side), and the chairlift (you can just see it on the far left).
Between our 3 cameras and the video we toook over 500 photos and I estimate around half an hour of video footage. Our nightly ritual included downloading from each of the 4 to the laptop and reviewing the day's activity. By midweek we had over 3GB. I have noticed I took a lot more video towards the end of the week, once James really took off. Thank your lucky stars I've managed to whittle it down to 35 photos to blog, and don't know how to upload videos - yet!

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