Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Round Robin Returns

This morning I took James and Eleanor, and James' friend Ella to the Playschool concert; you should have heard the three of them singling the playschool song in the backseat as we drove there, truly delightful! Although James did ask why I laughed when he sang, "...There are pickles with James ,and stories to tell..."!

Once there we met up with Joy and Austin and Madelyn. We had our hands rather too full for many photos, but I did quickly snap this of Joy and the brood as we walked to lunch afterwards!
And while we were at lunch, Joy returned my Round Robin quilt to me, much to my delight! Helen, AJ and Joy have all done a wonderful job, and later I'll press and photograph it properly, to show off their work. But for now...

Here's my centre, originally blogged here :

And here's what I now have:
Didn't they do well?! Now I have to decide how to finish it off!
And here's a quick (and very late rundown) on the rest of the quilts.

First I received Joy's centre, and once I'd added my part, it looked like this:
Here are some detail shots showing the seahorses; appliqued with clear monfilament and cut to used the batik's design as the eyes and give the impression of their texture. One 'hiding':
And another pair:
I loved making this, although wished once it was finished that the seahorses stood out a little more.

You can see Joy's quilt on its return to her after stopping at Helen's and AJ's at her blog!

Next came AJ's centre, with one border already added by Joy. I added the narrow green border (chiefly to get the dinensions suitable to add a border of pieced blocks!) the multicoloured triangles and the blue bubbles which match the green bubbles used in the centre. Here's how it was as I sent it along to Helen:
And some detail of my border:
Helen decided it looked finished, and for her part quilted and bound it, and here it is finished an AJ's blog.
Finally, after travelling from Australia's west coast to east to south, Helen's centre came to me with two borders already added. I decided it needed some 'simple' aplique to tie it back to the beautiful centre, so my border is the final appliqued swirl on the white:
It was hard photographing such a large quilt top and eventually I took it to my parents' place, where I laid it on the lawn, then hung way over the railing on their upstairs balcony with the camera at arm's length!

I don't seem to have many photos of the applique I did, but here are a few details. All the buds were fussy-cut:
I found a gorgeous red ombre at my LQS which I cut diagonal strips from to create the swirls:
Here it is back at Helen's where you can see detail of each border.

Stay tuned for more some better photos of my beautiful quilt where you can see what each of the girls added.


Margaret aka Supermom said...

Now this is a RR that I'd love to do - real quality and lovely design work !

Cyliebug said...

They are amazing. Well done to all of you.