Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Summer holiday

It's been quiet around here, because we spent almost a week at Simon's parents' holiday house at Port Hughes, about 2 hours north of Adelaide. We had a wonderful time, with the boys (James included) out fishing most of every day and bringing back more than enough for dinner, and me mostly sewing. Unfotunately we've had a shocking heatwave which lasted until after we got home, and even with the a/c on full, it was siumply too hot to sew during the last few days of it.

Here's the study while I was pulling out what I needed to take with me to quilt; the 2 tubs on the table, plus pne other, were what came with me. Plus the machine, and my latge cutting mat and ruler which don't fit in the tubs!

I also took this:

The day we left I went with Daddy and we bought this, my Christmas present from my parents. It's an Olympus E620 DSLR. It;'s not the prettiest or most popular DSLR (which I had to get over!) but it has a couple of essential and fairly uncommon features.

The first is the live-view full vari-angle monitor. The second is somewhat technical and I've forgotten the details already, but suffice to say it will do a better job than most of giving me sharp quilt edges. Olympus is known for fantastic lenses, but not great bodies.

I finished this baby quilt for a little girl whose name I've only just discovered means 'Star':

I started another and got it ready to quilt:

And then I couldn't face dealing with it in the heat and moved on to my sister-in-law's wedding quilt. The wedding's in WA (Western Australia for the non-Aussies) in March. I've made the 3 8in stars and have 8 of the 6in stars almost made. But there's still well over 20 each of the 4in, 3in and 2in stars to go!

And the holiday snaps - more of Eleanor than James, because James spent so much time out in the boat fishing with Daddy and Pop!

At the beach (2-minute walk) after dinner one night; it was still HOT:

Too much time spent Wii-ing...

Playng with my new camera after Eleanor's nap...


Gina said...

Love the photos of Eleanor withthe rubber gloves.

The baby quilt is gorgeous

Love and hugs Gina xxx

AJ said...

We have an Olympus Digital SLR I love it!

Linda said...

Love the star baby quilt! These are great colors, and the star is really set off by those three-rails. Great work!

Lucky you to have such a nice camera, and adorable children to photograph. They're cuties.