Sunday, 24 January 2010

Winnings Part 1

I have been a very lucky and very slack blogger recently. Well, not all that recently. Back in December (blush) I was the international winner of a fabulous Big Bundle Giveaway from the Quiltmaker Blog to celebrate their 100 Blocks Blog Tour. As embarrassed as I am about how much time has lapsed, I still want to blog it, and give a huge thank you to Quiltmaker for their terrific giveaway.

Naturally there's a copy of their 100 Blocks, plus a beautiful book of colour palettes and a very handy book on Quilting motifs which I've already used as inspiration. Then there are four separate patterns for a variety of quilty projects, plus a kit with some very sweet fabrics. And then there's a packet of Bali Pops batiks! I've been wanting to start collecting some batiks for a while (I';m not entirely sure what for, but with the definit intention of using them in (a) quilt(s), and there are some truly lovely colours and prints in this selection. I just have to bring myself to take it apart and use it now!

So thank you very much to Quiltmaker, and apologies for taking so dreadfully long to acknowledge you properly!

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Bec Clarke said...

OH you lucky thing, I had forgotten that I saw your name as a winner. Congratulations.
I gave you a shining reference BTW. She didn't really have any problems unless I did anyway, not hat I am one to judge your amazing work.