Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Procrastinating again

It took me ages just to sandwich this quilt today, and I didn;t start quilting it until tonight. So far it's about 1/4 done - that's just the background. I decided on a double-stipple, which is reasonably fast, and definitely more interesting than a stipple, but still takes more than twice as long. I know, I should be sewing not blogging, but I've just emptied two bobbins and need a break.
This is as I was playing around with the layout - on the dining room floor; the only place big enough - the blocks are 8in, and it's a 10x10 layout. I did make a few adjustments after this - and cut the remaining plain block!
Border-wise, there's just a 1in cream border to match the background, and a 2.5in black and gold border. I'll bind it in red - though I'm missing my preferred fabric choice and will probably have to use my second choice which is easily to hand. I anticipate doing the hand stitching on the binding and attaching the label (all ready) once we're there - but I can't (realistically) take the machine with me on the plane!


zarina said...

I hope you can show/elaborate on that double-stipple. Is it more time/thread consuming than the pebbling FMQ?

Kylie said...

Keep going Emma, you're almost there! I'd love to see a closer look at the double stipple if you get time to take a photo!

Cara said...

It looks awesome. I adore stars but get bored with the layouts, and am not into wonky. This looks so soothing.

Linda said...

For this being a rushed project, you're moving forward remarkably well! It's a beautiful layout. I know how you're feeling about machine quilting, but your watchword is certainly "persevere!"