Thursday, 4 March 2010


James started kindergarten a month ago. I did take photos by the front door on his first morning (in a very big rush!) but never got around to blogging them.
Yesterday was Family Funtastics Day, in which all the children do an obstacle course around the playground and gardens. They get sponsored for completing each stage, with the funds going towards a rainwater tank for the kindy. Last year's funds went towards the mobility track (a rubberised track seen partly in the photo below which the children run and ride around) with the balance funded by the council.
The city Major was there for the official opening of the track, and presented the children with medals for completing the obstacle course. Having been watching the Winter Olympics, James knew all about medals (although a staggeringly high proportion of the children claim to have come 'first'!).
Families were of course invited along, so my parents came, as did Eleanor. Her favourite part of the course was putting pink, blue, yellow and green balls into matching tubes taped to the 'fort'. She wasn't quite tall enough, and Daddy spent a lot of time lifting her up.
James loves kindergarten. He's there from 9 to 3 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and it completely exhausts him. When I bring him home he has a second afternoon tea and tells me what he's done, then has a sleep. Usually a THREE HOUR sleep! We got his first mid-term report yesterday. It's really just a short summary, and as we expected, it tells us he's settling in well. Neither of us were surprised to read that "He loves a cuddle from time to time and is eager to share his current thoughts with his teachers..."!!! They also mentioned he happily joins the group and responds to teacher direction, has adapted to the routines, is developing relationships and shows great enjoyment of the kindregarten learning environment.

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AJ said...

Sounds like a great start to his education. Well Done James!