Wednesday, 31 March 2010


I'm still working (or not!) on quilting the wedding quilt, so still have no real progress to show, and I am staying strong about not starting on anything else until that's done. Well. Sort of. I've been spending rather a lot of time procrastinating by designing quilts instead! I've just finished refining the pattern for Eleanor's bed quilt:
It uses Patty Young's Flora & Fauna range, in the raspberry and stone colourways I love. And I've just this minute (as I've been typing) realised it will clash horribly with her wall quilt!
And this will be the matching teddy quilt; she already has one, but that's a bit small (and a second will never go astray!), and I love the idea of it matching hers.
This doll quilt may look familiar, as Iced Chocolate (the winter swap quilt I recently made) evolved from this design.

I'm now torn about making this quilt for Eleanor's room, but I love both of the designs and the fabrics...

I'll need to get on with these in the coming months, as sometime after August, there'll be a new resident in Eleanor's cot - I'll hopefully find out in a week whether it will be a new niece or nephew! (And then I'll be able to start designing a baby's quilt with the elephant fabrics I've been collecting for just this purpose.)


Joan said...

I like the quilt...and the ones that go with it. You must be a night owl too. I have spent far too much time on this computer and not enough sewing. Will call back again soon...Keep well

Leah said...

Oh I like that feature fabric. I misunderstood for a minute there, and thought YOU were pregnant :)

The Humming Cat said...

OMG I swear my heart skipped a beat thinking you had something to announce!!

Austy's Mum said...

SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL! This is going to be SUCH a special quilt set for her to treasure forever.