Thursday, 13 May 2010

Fast and slow

This evening I finished, sandwiched and quilted the baby quilt. It really didn't take long; basically because I didn't have to deal with stopping for skipped stitches or needle or thread breakages.
I feathered the sections of coins between the minkee using a beautiful variegated King Tut thread - but I must learn when to use variegated threads for feathers; it wasn't quite right here. The minkee may have been a pain to sew, but Eleanor simply loved stroking it and finding the soft parts, so I think it will be perfect for a baby.
I did consider feathering the sashing as well, but decided to take the fast option and stipple it, since it's 'just' a baby's quilt, and there's that mammoth to do list! I haven't added the binding yet, since I still have the machine set for FMQing, and am keeping it that way until the next quilt is all quilted - otherwise I might never start on it again...
...Because then I went back to the customer's quilt, and the problems all started again. I'm wondering if it's because that quilt was spray-basted, since every time I have a go on a practice sandwich, I have no problems,and that's the only difference I can think of. I did get a couple of blocks finished, and finally completed the stipple down one long border, but not without breaking another 6 or 7 needles and lots of other unplanned and unwelcome stops.


AJ said...

I've been having a lot of needles breaking too a good (cheap) online place to buy them??

Red Haired Girl said...

Emma, I have discovered that all quilt basting sprays are not equal!

The one from Spotlight caused me lots of grief with threads tangling and snapping etc, but the one from Lincraft was better. I've just thrown the empty can out though so I can't tell you what it was called - sorry, hopefully someone will have some more information.

Joan said...

Emma - your quilting is wonderful. I do like the way you fit the feathers in. I have looked at some of your previous posts...I have missed some - I dont know how you fit in all that you do. The childrens quilts are looking really good.

Annie of Blue Gables said...

Just darling quilt. I usually don't care for stacked coins, but you make anything beautiful.
sorry about the broken needles. I hate when that happens, that and thread.
I've never worked with minkie. I'm sure it is so soft.
I recognize that fabric along the edge. hee hee