Saturday, 8 May 2010

PIF gifts received

A while ago I signed up for a friend's Pay it Forward. Juni and I were friends well before we started blogging, although now we live in different cities we see each other rarely. I sent out the quilts I made late last year, and this week I received my gifts - although James and Eleanor were quick to claim them.
First up was a gorgeous pair of monkey finger puppets.
Special thanks for making two the same to eliminate any arguments!!!
I'm not sure how many times since they arrived I've heard, "No more monkeys jumping on the bed" - but it's a lot! James thought it fun to wobble precariously on the step-ladder as he sang - presumably to increase the risk of falling and bumping his head???

Next there was this pretty tissue-holder, which I had to wrestle back into my posession...
There was also a lovely purse, which I would rather like myself, but Eleanor thinks it's hers - and she spent ages playing hide-and-seek with her monkey in it.
Thank you!

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Joan said...

Emma your chilren are so precious. They must keep you busy and happy :) Those gifts were great too. I really enjoyed your post