Monday, 17 May 2010

Quilting job complete

I have finally finished quilting this customer quilt. it's a beautiful applique which, with its owner's permission, you will see once I've photographed it in daylight tomorrow. I had no more needle breakages today, which was a huge relief, and by chopping and changing between my two different free-motion feet/settings, and different colours (no idea why that made a difference, or perhaps it just made me feel as though I was doing something!) I got through the rest of it without having to stop too may extra times.
Each of the animal applique blocks has a different background filler. The vine above is probably my favourite.
I tried to quilt on the actual appliques as little as possible; mostly just along the applique stitching, and a little subtle stippling in a few of the larger expanses which needed something.
There were a few 'plain' blocks, which I filled in a variety of ways, including a couple of feathers...
...and these fun stars.
I quilted the whole quilt using matching Bottom Line threads, which don't detract from the beautiful applique. I stuck to the lime green on the back, where the quilting can be seen.
The back is mostly blue, but there are a few small sections of red and yellow...
Now I just need to restock on needles - I think I went through 3 packs of topstitch needles; it's lucky I keep plenty in. Quilting this has reinforced my desire for a long-arm - I enjoyed the process, but the problems were frustrating, and I'd like to think they wouldn't happen on a longarm.

Next up - May Giveaway Day!


Me aka Supermom said...

Having a longarm just opens another and different list of issues:-)

But they are wonderful and fun!

Joan said...

Emma - the quilt lookjs fantastic...I love what you have done. A longarm would be wonderful - Its a dream of mine, but I do love what you are doing on your domestic! The way you have fitted all the quilting ins is wonderful! You make it look so easy ...

Lily Mulholland said...

You definitely have to get a long-arm! I can't believe you went through so many needles. Argh! But what a result - looking forward to seeing the front!