Sunday, 12 December 2010

Quick quilts

A friend had her baby girl just recently, and I was half-prepared; with this top complete. I sandwiched it the other night and quilted it today. I just need to finish-off a few thread-ends, trim, bind and label it. Most fo the quilt has a siwrl pattern over it, with these free-hand scallops in the outer border - the only thing i marked was the centre of each block, with a Hera marker - fasy, easy and effective!

I've decided to try and make life a little easier for myself, and make some fairly quick-to-piece baby quilts from my lovely selection of flannels. Because I like to keep flannel quilts extra soft and snuggly, they are fairly lightly quilted, too.

Ideally, I still have about 6 more quilts to make before Christmas - two might be realistic though (and I have those first two mostly cut and ready to go).


Joan said...

Lovely Emma - I dont know how you get so many things done.

Miss Nancy said...

Lovely and fun!

Have a super great day.

Maree: said...

Love the Quilting on this one...Gorgeous Quilt.