Sunday, 12 December 2010

Magic Cave

On Friday, Mummy and I took James and Eleanor to the Magic Cave. This is an Adelaide tradition, and is where Father Christmas goes to after the pageant. As well as Father Christmas, there are Nipper and Nimble; model horses from the pageant, and a small carousel, moving Christmas window scenes, and distorting mirrors, and it's decorated with Christmas trees and icicles and so on... as a child it really did seem magical.

The queue to see Father Christmas was quite long, so Mummy offered to stay there and do her crossword puzzles while I took James and Eleanor to do a few things and keep them occupied - this worked well for all of us! Before we got far, they came across the pigs in Rundle Mall, and spent a good 15 minutes climbing on them:

By the time we got back to the queue, there wasn't too much longer to wait, and Mummy read to James and Eleanor for a while - once they'd finished talking with the 'talking tree'.

We had a lovely visit with the Big Man in Red; only a brief moment of hesitation from either of them. When asked what they wanted, neither of them could name anything; which I think is lovely!

This post from a couple of years ago shows Nipper and Nimble in the pageant, and me in the Magic Cave having a ride on Nipper at about age 9.

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Anonymous said...

I love seeing pics of James & Eleanor. What fun they must have had on those pigs...You and your Mom sure came prepared to see Santa