Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Happy Census Day!

It's a little bit late, being after midnight, but today is (or yesterday was) Census Night. Along with millions of other Aussies, we hopped online tonight and completed our eCensus forms. In 2006 eCensus was first available, and we were among the 10% of households who took up the option. This year the ABS is hoping for around 30% take-up of eCensus.

I explained to James about the Census and why it's so important, and he's been really excited about it. He spoke about it at school today in his news-tellling (show and tell) and proudly displayed the I <3 Census badge and drink bottle I brought home for him.

I let James help out filling in our Census form; he entered our form number and eCensus number, typed in some answers, and clicked the right boxes. He entered all his own answers (under close supervision, and accompanied by explanations of all the questions and why they're asked!).

He declared once we'd started that we needed to go out for dinner to 'celebrate' - so we did!

Eleanor wanted in on the action, so she entered in her name and clicked a few answers, too - but needed a lot more help. I'd hazard a guess that she's in a very small minority who did the Census in such attire! (Remember it's winter in Australia!)

I always feel proud to be able to say I work for the Australian Bureau of Statistics and enter 'statistician' under occupation on my Census form, but a small part of me would love to be able to enter 'quilter' as my main occupation by the next Census, in 2016!

If you haven't yet completed your Census form, it's not too late, so hop to it!

Happy Census Day!


Vicki W said...

I thin that completing the census int he nude should be a new tradition for your family. It's the symbolic form of telling all about yourself!

Shasta said...

We have an as - of date on our census as well, but we don't pay too much attention to the date itself. I think it happens a few months around the date. As a genealogist, I fill mine out as completely as possible.

Busy Quilting said...

Next time I will put quilter rather than Cnesus collector as my occupation. Now starts the slog of picking up the paper forms from those that didn't do the E-census.

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