Thursday, 25 August 2011

Terrain scraps

I've been mulling over designs to use the pieces of Terrain I won a while back, and started cutting and trimming them a few weeks ago. The strips were of varying and uneven width, so I decided to trim the strips shorter to get best use from them. I ended up trimming them to 14in - partly because that would nicley get 3 strips from each piece (across the width of the fabric) , and partly because I have a 14in ruler, which made it easy! So I trimmed a selection of strips to 14in long, and trimmed the edges parallel in a variety of widths, then started sewing them all together:

I changed my design idea a few times, and eventually came up with something I was really happy with. The best thing is, my design called for strips and squares which fit perfectly in the slightly-shrunk-from-piecing 13 3/4in strips:  five 12.5 x  2.5in strips or two 8.5 x 2.5in strips and a 8.5in square just fit across the 13 3/4in! All up I cut about 150 strips, between 1in and 3 1/2in wide - there's a bit left over, but I'll probably just cut more and make another similar quilt later; there are still plenty of pieces left.


Catskill Quilter said...

This is going to be a stunning quilt! The fabrics are SO rich looking and really are enhanced by sewing them in strips! I can't wait to see what you do next!

Sarah said...

SO pretty! Just seeing those pretty prints all together makes me want to buy some now :)