Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Putting the border before the quilt

The quilt I started on is going to have some applique borders, and I decided I wanted the narrow applique to be the point where the background fabric changes as well. This took a bit of thinking about how I was going to manage it simply. Although I'm not ready to attach the final borders yet, because the centre still needs work, I pieced the outer border. I pinned it out on the centre and pieced the border so that it will overlap the inner piece by 2 inches all around.

Then I cut 2in strips of Lite Steam-a-seam 2, and fused them all around the inner edge border where it will overlap the centre.

After I took the photos, I designed and then marked the applique pattern on the Steam-a-seam. When I'm ready to add this border (very carefully!), I'll cut along the marked line, remove the paper backing and fuse the border to the centre. The applique will be narrow and cut on the bias so it will follow the curves I've marked, right over the top of the cut edge, and saving the need to actually piece the seam - the applique will hold it all in place.


Joan said...

Now that looks complicated, and I am so looking forward to seeing how it progresses

custom research paper said...

very beautiful!