Friday, 24 May 2013

Earth and Sun

I've had a couple of lazy nights, but here's the latest progress on the space quilt:

I cut the sun from three fabrics and fused them together and to the background. There's only fusible web around the edges (about 1/4in wide) and they're cut so that there's not too much build-up of layers. They're not appliqued yet though.

I've also got things ready to trace the parts of land I want to fusible web. Earth is currently a completely water-covered planet, but Australia and some of her neighbours will change that tomorrow. Later, I'll probably add more of the smaller islands in thread only - they're too small to applique (Earth's diameter is about 7in here).


Milly said...

It's looking fabulous. I love the earth appliqué. I'm not sure if you've mentioned this, but is this a commission quilt?

Joan said...

I am intrigued with ALL your wonderful work - you must have such fun with your children.