Monday, 27 May 2013

Residents or visitors

This is one of the details I planned right from the very beginning in my first sketch of the quilt. They're done in free-motion using a fine BottomLine thread; I would have chosen something a bit thicker, but this was the perfect colour, so I went around them twice so they're not too hidden. They show up in the detail photo, but at little more than 1 1/4in tall, you need to look to spot them on the actual quilt.

I decided these two would be best added prior to sandwiching, so I added a small piece of fabric behind them to act as a stabiliser. They're deliberately a little different from each other; it'll be up to the new owner to make a story about that...

And while I think of them as Martians, and have placed them on Mars, who's to say whether they are residents of or visitors to the planet. Until I need to complete their Inter-planetary Census form, it doesn't matter.


Stacie Attrill said...

Ha! Looks like you're having too much fun with this quilt, Emma.

Kylie said...

Very cute! Love them