Monday, 27 May 2013

Quilting in space

Inspired by James and Eleanor's recent interest in the International Space Station and the idea of a quilter in space (AstroKarenN launches tomorrow), I thought this was a suitable addition to my space quilt:

It's very simplified, being only about an inch across, but hopefully it's clear what it is!

James and Eleanor have been wanting to see the ISS and we've been checking on where it is at various times using this tracker, but then I found a really handy website which tells you when are the best times in the coming days to see the ISS from almost any place on Earth. Just after sunset is usually the best time, and for us, this Thursday will be a really good opportunity. So as long as it's not too cloudy, we're heading to a nearby lookout with a camera and hope to wave to Karen!


Linda R said...

Very cool additions. Can't wait to see the finished quilt. Love your blog.

Amanda said...

Oh, I like the ISS! I've been enjoying seeing all the details that you're putting in this quilt.