Saturday, 14 September 2013

New quilt, new palette

Here's the starting palette for a commissioned quilt I'm about to start:

I pulled these together before going shopping for anything else. The stripe is the likely binding. The cream and pale green in the upper right are representational - I needed to buy something similar in larger quantity of the background. Quite a few of the options in the middle row won't make it into the actual quilt - some I've already eliminated, and others just won't be needed. The three at the bottom right look rather out of place, but I promise they'll work nicely. And below are what I'll add from my shopping trip, including the actual background fabrics - the green is an almost identical (but slightly paler) fossil fern to the representational one I started with.

As I was looking at all the landscape colours and prints, while I was at it, I also bought small cuts of the stack below for another upcoming commission - though I will need to add significantly to it, especially in the brown-ochre range, and again will likely not use them all.

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