Sunday, 15 September 2013


I've been preparing for the new tree quilt tonight. I've got a number of applique pieces ready to fuse and have cut the background pieces, ready to piece.

Here's an enlarged and very much reworked tree, which is almost ready to trace to Lite Steam-a-seam2. At its widest, it's almost 25in, and will end up around 35in tall, including the roots, so will require two separate pieces of web, since my roll (which I once thought wide) is only 24in. I can see a few more things I want to change, but that can wait until I've had some sleep.

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LynCC said...

I didn't realize how much work went into the shape of your trees. Thanks for sharing the process - quite effective, cutting and taping the tissue to get the shape you want instead of just redrawing all the time. I just had a fun stroll back through your quilt gallery (my husband was curious about your tree work). Sure love your works. :)