Sunday, 9 March 2014

Lions in the Window

After finally finishing the big landscape quilt, the following evening I turned my attention to this flannel baby quilt, which had been waiting only for binding - since shortly after Christmas!

It was about time I finished it since the baby it's for is, umm, well on his way to his first birthday!

I've been making more baby quilts from my flannel stash recently. The need to keep flannel quilts simply-pieced is part of the reason, but mostly it's the cute fabrics and the softness. The fact that I can piece them fairly quickly (even if it takes several months to bind them) is a bonus.

I chose to quilt it with a blue variegated King Tut thread. It was the perfect colour, and I chose the thicker (40wt) thread because I haven't used it much since getting my 820 which quilts nicely with it. But it perhaps wasn't the smartest thread choice, since a fine thread would have shown much less over the lions. Never mind, it's finished, soft and snuggly, and after forking out a fortune at the post office, is on its way around the world to a very cute little boy.


Karen said...

Lovely quilt. Its simplicity is what makes it so effective!

Aunt TC said...

I like how the various blues give th impression that the lion if further away. It's like looking through several windows to see him. Thanks.