Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Thread choices

Sometimes choosing the threads for a quilt is as much fun as choosing the fabrics. It can also be a pain sometimes, especially when it comes to finding one thread which will work over the entire quilt. But for this one I got to tip out all my Aurifil threads and pick a rainbow.

I needed one thread to match each fabric, so I could quilt and applique the pieces in place, and quilt in the ditch of the flange (in progress below).

Here is my selection:

Next  problem? I've run out of bobbins - again!

I've finished all the pretty coloured quilting now, and am filling in the background using an ivory BottomLine thread, which blends in and just leaves the gorgeous texture of the McTavishing - and the extra feather plumes in the quilting to match the applique. I'm on track to have this finished tomorrow.


sherry said...

lovely quilt and stunning quilting

happydaysquilting said...

That's a beauty

battynurse said...

That's beautiful. I've been trying to learn FMQ on my machine and trying to decide what thread to use. Never thought of the aurifil. Granted I don't have nearly as many colors.