Monday, 24 March 2014

Spot the difference

Tonight's quilt photo doesn't look much different from last night's.

Except that in this one, all the pieces are sewn together! Each section is free foundation-pieced (the one exception to this is the marked sun) and then the foundation-pieced sections of beach and ocean are built together. I then carefully position the beach over the sky to check my marked seam lines are close, then trim a 1/4in seam allowance on the top of the beach, snip the inside curves a little, then reposition, fold the seam back and pin and pin and pin - at least every inch to create a smooth curve. then I machine applique it in place. After that, I position, fuse and sew on the applique details, then repeat the joining process to put the water on the beach.

My intended final size is 36 x 42in, so at the moment it's sitting at about 37 x 44. This allows for shrinkage at the quilting stage, as well as trimming all the uneven edges.

I counted them all up, and it uses 99 different fabrics; 8 in the sky, 18 in the beach and 66 in the ocean, plus the five appliques. The binding will take the front to an even 100, but next I need to source a suitable backing fabric.


Elita@Busy Needle Quilting said...

That is beautiful! I love all the different fabrics providing such detail. Very well done!

Frances Arnold said...

Another wonderful top. I love how you blend all of the fabrics together!!

Carmen said...

I love the abstract feel of this one! It's just beautiful. I love crafts of any kind and have done some quilting in the past, but hope to someday get back to making some quilts. I love this abstract feel so much!!