Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Elephants Might Fly

...and one day I might be blogging regularly, but let's not hold our breath just yet!

This is my gorgeous new niece Emily under her quilt.

It matches the ones I made for my elephant-mad sister and my nephew (although I'm in the early design stages of a big train one for him now!).

The piecing of this quilt is fairly straightforward, but I love the richness of the blues and the geometric design - and of course it had to feature the Valori Wells elephants.

I had to quilt this one from the back, because the combination of the thicker batting (not that it's that thick) and flannel front and back mean that even with minimal seams meeting at corners, and even those pressed open, meant that the foot, even on a high setting (low pressure) really pulled over the seams. Fortunately I was quilting an allover pattern, with the same thread both sides, so I just flipped it over. It does mean the seams aren't quite as straight as I'd like, but Emily won't mind!

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J Perl said...

Emily is beautiful and so is her quilt! Congratulations!