Wednesday, 21 May 2014

James published

Yesterday we received a long-awaited parcel; James' Hidden Diamonds quilt back from Australian Patchwork & Quilting, along with a copy of Vol 23 No 10.

I'm so proud of him and all the work he put into this quilt.

He was involved in everything, from designing it in EQ7, painting all the fabric, most of the pinning, all the piecing, some of the pressing and helping with basting and quilting. But don't worry, if you want to make this quilt - I wrote up the instructions!

He's been very understanding that the quilt would be posted off as soon as it was finished and wouldn't be back for a few months, but was thrilled to have it back, especially now the days are getting cooler. His favourite part is the soft minky backing. The aqua wouldn't have been my instinctive choice, but it actually contrasts really nicely, and I'm glad I let him choose!

He hasn't had much time for quilting recently (and he needed a break after this effort) but he's already eyeing-off new fabrics!

Well done, James!


CitricSugar said...

That's so cool! Way to go, James!

And way to go, Emma, for supporting the development of the craft in the next generation! :-)

Celia Ambrose said...

Very impressive James! Good for you. This is a great quilt, and I know you are happy to have it back now. Enjoy it. Thanks for sharing the photo of this lovely quilt.

Karen said...

Congratulations, James. This is very exciting and wonderful to see!
And a big pat on the back for Mum.