Friday, 4 February 2011

Red, black & white customer quilt

Here are some photos of the customer quilt I completed last week; it should be with its new owner now.

Such high-contrast colours were hard to photograph quickly, but it's a dramatic and very effective design. The red quilting on the plain white background squares helped soften it a little, and helped define the applique where it had plain black background.

I quilted closely around all the applique, and considered some feather quilting on the larger applique swirls, but decided it would detract from rather than add to them. I did quilt the centre though; a small feathered circle on the white, and echo quilting on the red and black petals.

My little helper holding it still:


Joan said...

Love the quilting on that Emma - and what a very special little helper :) ♥

Madiza said...

It is amazing!

Anonymous said...

I am the Customer... and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! as does my Daughter!

I have bound it all and she has been sleeping under it ever since, seeing as the nights aren't cold enough to need a heavy quilt!

thankyou Emma for such beautiful work <3

Carmen said...

Its very beautifull!!!!

Saludos desde España.