Friday, 31 August 2007

Flashback Friday - Fancy-dress

Just a quick one tonight to post my first ever flash-back friday photo. This is me dressed as Miffy in July 1984; I presume for Bookweek. I collected my early albums from my parents' place today, but unlike their albums, mine aren't properly labelled, so the occasion is a guess. I now keep my photo albums up to date and well labelled. Even with 2 under 2, and in the age of digital photos, I sort, file and name my digital photos, and regularly get the best (still heaps!)printed, and my albums are done up to July this year! I got put off 'scrapbooking' on principle due to the cost of the so-called essential items and the sales-lady's attitude, but I do put the albums together creatively.

We saw Eleanor's professional photos today. I would love to share them, but they're pretty strict with copyright, so I suppose I'd better not put them on the internet! Anyway, we loved them and ordered a similar package to what we got for James; one of her on her own, one with both of us, and one each with Simon and I. We have a mini-album with all the shots in about 4x5 (and each in colour and B&W, so about 90 all up!) and will get the enlargements in 2-3 months. I can't wait!


Helen said...

Miffy! Very cool!! He has stood the test of time hasn't he, still loved in our house.

Juni said...

Gorgeous! :)