Tuesday, 21 August 2007

No skiing for me

I am very jealous this week. My parents are skiing at Falls Creek – without me! Boo Hoo! It’s ages since I got some decent skiing in. I missed the 2005 season pregnant with James, we decided it was a bit too soon after Eleanor was due to go this year, and though we did go last year, it
was an awful season; I don’t remember a winter with less snow. Our accomodation would normally have been ski-in/ski-out, but instead involved a lengthy walk – especially if we were carrying James. Now I think I would be fine to have gone this week (although my ski pants might be a bit tight!) I even checked the snow report - all lifts operating, lots of soft dry snow, and fine weather this week; at least they'll have a good time. So to make me feel better, here is a photo from 2004 (Simon and I in the terrain park at Perisher Blue) and a few from James' first trip to the snow in 2006, showing the lack of snow and James on the sled Simon made him out of some kids’ skis and an old sailboard).

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