Monday, 7 January 2008

Port Hughes

As usual, after the Christmas rush we headed to Simon's parents' holiday house at Port Hughes for a quiet 5 days or so over New Year. It's a nice break; everything is there, I take my sewing and Nanny and Pop do the lion's share of looking after James and Eleanor! This time the fishing was successful each day, so we enjoyed lots of fresh fish, as well as squid and crab.
James ready to go:
Mr Cool in the car on the way:
It was horribly hot (around 40 several days) but I stayed inside with Eleanor in the airconditioning and sewed. She doesn't like the heat much, either.
James went to the beach at least once a day to walk the dogs and paddle.
And twice he went out fishing (with Nanny to help). They had thought he might get bored, but he loved it - although he did want to reel the lines in as soon as they were cast. Because I didn't go, there aren't photos of him fishing (or his double-header!) but here he is with his catch the second time:

And showing off the squid Pop caught:
But he wouldn't touch them - I don't blame him!
Simon and Alan were out alone one day catching lots of undersized snapper. There was a family of dolphins by the boat, which were eating the littlies as they were thrown back in. Simon and Alan were throwing them towards the mother and calf, and the father wasn't getting many, so he got himself right up in the water and smacked his flipper on the surface to show his displeasure! I wish James had been there for that!

I think his favourite activity was cleaning-off after the beach. He'd start by rinsing the sand off his feet, which quickly progressed to hosing everything in sight. Note the 2 tiny dry patches on the right! We just put him in a different spot on the lawn each time.
Eleanor started rolling everywhere while we were away; we'd put her down and in no time she'd be 2 metres away, and facing the opposite direction. We could see her aiming for the dogs, bt just as she got there, they'd get up and move! She doesn't miss a thing with those big eyes!
At the dinner table outside one evening

With Pop

She also decided to start blowing raspberries; the longest ones I've seen from a baby. It keeps her occupied for ages!
Eleanor has started enjoying her solids (potato and pumpkin so far) and watches us eat every mothful if she's at the table. She can't keep her hands (or mouth) off our glasses if given half a chance.

When it was too hot for even James outside, he found plenty of 'toys' inside:

Eleanor is still a way off sitting unassisted, but is trying hard to crawl. I think it will be sooner rather than later.

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The Humming Cat said...

Eleanor is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen! She looks like her brother, you can reallysee the similarity.