Friday, 18 January 2008

Some quilty progress

After much anticipation, I have found the time to make some trial blocks for the quilt Leia commissioned late last year. I have sent her photos before I make more, but here is a peek at the 2 blocks laid out with the other fabrics to give an idea of my design: The fabrics on the left are an approximation of the borders and binding, and the blocks are 8" finished.

And a quick stash update - 666m! Next purchase is a selection of quilty books at bargain prices from The Book Depository thanks to Joy's tip!

I have a long list of quilts for this year (and that's with only 1 cot quilt; I'm sure more will be called-for!) ranging from arty ideas (such as my migraine quilt, based on the visual disturbance I get before a migraine and a view of Adelaide at night from the hills, which I'm anticipating will use swarovski crystal beads, black, and some hand-dyes, and explore some new techniques) to some quilting traditions, and wanting to improve my free-motion quilting and curved-piecing.


AJ said...

Oh Emma...I like how this is looking so far...hope Leia likes it

Ellie said...

That design is gorgeous and colours *swoon*