Friday, 8 February 2008

7 months

Eleanor is 7 months old today.
She has a distinct hate of taking a bottle, and we have had no success with it so far. She just screams and refuses to even try sucking. I hate wasting precious EBM, so today I got some formula. She's happy enough to have a bottle with water (but doesn't suck, just chews on the teat and drinks what trickles into her mouth) so this evening while she was happy, I made 60mls of formula, and gave the bottle to her to play with.
As you can see, she was quite happy to play with it. But not much went down her throat. Plenty soaked into the quilt and her clothes, and it dripped over her face. She kept going back for more, but would only chew.
Even watching James have his didn't help (although we thought it rather cute!). I'll persist doing this once or twice a day for a while. I don't mind if the formula gets wasted. The intention is to get her to have something from a bottle properly. Then when she starts at child care in a month, hopefully she'll drink the EBM happily. Otherwise we're stuck!
She gets herself anywhere she likes by commando-crawling and rolling, and we often see her rocking on her hands and knees - real crawling isn't far off! Her greatest delight is being held upside down, grinning and laughing in our faces. And she loves James' rough play (mostly!).


Cascade Lily said...

Emma, she is just gorgeous!

The girls in my mother's group SWEAR by Pigeon periostatic (sp?) teats - they fit Avent bottles apparently. Worth a shot?

Louise said...

She is such a cutie Emma :) My son turned 7 months on the 24th, he is doing the same commando crawling as Eleanor. Your bub sounds like my daughter was, a very happy and easy baby. My son on the other hand is such a handful!

Helen said...

Em, she is looking more and more like you every month!

Ellie said...

Oh that last shot of Eleanor looking at James is just beautiful.