Sunday, 3 February 2008

Quilt top complete!

Being fussier than ever over my accuracy when cutting, piecing and trimming paid off big-time. When it got to sewing the strips together, all the seams abutted beautifully, which was very rewarding.
I then had to race out and get some piping cord so I could complete the borders this weekend. I hadn't tried this before, but it wasn't too hard. The worst parts were my machine oddly skipping a lot of stitches with the needle to the far right, and getting the tension right on 3 layers of fabric, when one wasn't quilters' cotton. The corners ended up being relatively easy. Because the outer border is a stripe I needed to mitre the corners. Not my favourite task, although I am getting faster and neater at it. But it conveniently meant no fussing over the piping around corners. Even better, I managed to get the stripes to match at ALL four corners.
The quilt top is now pressed and folded neatly, waiting for the backing to arrive in my big order from eQuilter.
I'll take my machine in for a service on Tuesday morning - and hope they're quick with it. I can't be without it tomorrow, as it's child care day for James, which means I can sew while Eleanor sleeps!
Speaking of Eleanor, she has been commando-crawling for a couple of weeks, and now gets up on hands and knees. She can keep herself happy for ages on the floor now with a few toys and me sitting nearby pinning quilt blocks. I'll do more of an update next week when she hits 7 months.


Juni said...

Well done on getting the corners to all match up! More congrats for having the border corners match up too - the closeup picture looks fabulous. The piping looks great! I love the way you have laid out all the pieces - the red triangles and the red/white diamonds in the middle.

Helen said...

Em, look at those fantastic corners! It looks hot! Great job!

Cascade Lily said...

Emma this is going to be spectacular. I just don't know how you find the time to do it all. No wonder you're good at quilting - you're a statistician! I, on the other hand, do not do numbers, therefore, I must stick to 'contemporary' quilting!!

Eleonor is a little roly poly doll isn't she! And love the pic of James and his little bum :)

Leia said...

Emma I am so pleased with everything you've done so far! It looks fantastic and I can only imagine all the hours and hours or work it has taken, thankyou for offering your fabulous services to do this for me :). I can't believe how spot on you manged to get the corners, perfection!