Friday, 1 February 2008

Books and Quilts

I've had a busy week. I have transformed Leia's quilt from over 600 pieces first into 30 blocks (plus the feature squares and setting triangles):
and now into 12 stips:This weekend should see the strips joined and borders added. I've decided to try a peeper border, which could be interesting. I have to get some cord to fill the peeper, as I don't just want a little flap of fabric, but don't know quite how I'll manage it until I get to it.

Six of my seven new quilting books arrived yesterday and today. I expect the last one tomorrow. I have read most fo the novel and browsed a few of the others so far.
I also picked up a long-coveted floral rotary cutter. I was sick of swapping from new to old blades to cut foundation papers and template plastic, so now I have my ergonomic cutter with new blades, and will keep this one with an old blade for non-fabric cutting.

The postman won't get a rest though, because I've just ordered over 40m (Yes, that is right. 4-0 metres!) of fabric from 5 shops for several commissioned quilts, a raffle quilt, and a few irresistables for my stash. (Well, they were from America, I may as well fill the envelope and make the most of the postage costs!) The sad news is that I managed to resist a few Classic Pooh prints, and a new commission has requested them, so I'll just have to go back and order some!
I have also started using my lovely quilting Journal for my notes. It's so nice to have everything in one place. So far it is nice and neat, but I am sure that won't last, with jotted lists, quick sketches and more!

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