Wednesday, 27 February 2008


Hillbillies and Motherships have been tagging me while I was sleeping. (I had a headache, and got Simon to come home early and look after James and Eleanor while I slept.)

So here is why I blog:

1. Because fellow quilters AJ and Helen nagged me to, to share my quilting.

2. To show off my quilting!

3. To show off my gorgeous children!

4. Because it's fun.

5. It is a great way for me to record my quilty progress. I had always intended to journal my quilting, but was just too slack (until a lovely quilting journal came my way in the DIN05 Mummies' Secret Santa on EB!). And it's great for keeping friends and family a bit more up to date with how James and Eleanor are growing - when I get around to updates!

I tag my fellow quilters AJ, Helen and Joy

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